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We did the same a month or so ago with no complaints. We replaced them with a news blog for any pertinent updates.

I've thought about axing them. But, ultimately I think it's important to give visitors something tangible they can hold on to and read (or pretend like they're reading)pre-service. I think the awkward factor increases for them if they come in, sit down and have nothing to keep them busy.

We did the same thing two weeks ago. We didn't have a full-time designer any more and needed to trim the budget. So we bought the domain and had business cards designed.

One Sunday, everyone walked in to find those cards on their chairs. Said we were saving green and going green. Not one complaint!

Michael beat me to it. We were nervous about what kind of feedback we'd get . . .

We've heard no complaints, and have seen the subscriptions to the news blog go WAY up!

I've been tossing the idea around...primarily with the thought of that we are living in a more web-based and tech savvy culture. That I think we can communicate information via the website or church blog and do away with the bulletin.

thanks for giving me permission to do what i already wanted to.

haha - I love it. If you run a simple church you make the same 3 announcements each week.

I begged my pastor to kill the bulletins at a leadership meeting. A 50-something woman YELLED at me. It is scary how attached some people can get to a piece of paper covered in ink. Seriously.

WHat are the same 3 announcements that you make??

they were:

1. newcomer's lunch on the last sunday of the month

2. you were handed a brochure when you came today, please fill out card

3. small groups start on _________ (quarterly start dates for multiple on-ramps throughout the year)

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