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Ouch! You so nailed this one!

Follow up calls to guests are the scariest calls I make. And it's so easy to find a zillion other things that are "more important."

It's easier to write a note. Less pressure that way. Less chance of rejection. Less chance we might hear and face something uncomfortable. And we miss a potential opportunity for our own growth.

Thanks, Ben, for speaking the truth in love to us!

Great thought. It means more when the Pastor does it. For a while I just had some of my leaders do it and it was ok. We saw a much greater response when I started calling. People are really surprised and flattered when the senior pastor takes time to call. Granite if you have 100 visitors a week you might want a little help :)

I get your point here, but I'd like to know where's the proof? How do you know that people actually want a follow up phone call. Maybe many pastors don't do it cuz they don't think it's effective, they think it's intrusive or in an effort to put themselves in other people's shoes, they realize they would NOT want a follow up phone call. I'm working on this issue right now with our church plant so you hit a hot button.

Chris, why don't you test it. Take half of your guests and call them; don't call the other half. See what happens. If I'm proven right, you owe me a Starbucks.

Ben, any ideas on how the calls should go? I know we all have to find our own voice that fits our context, but maybe we could toss out some things that have worked for us. What do you include in the call besides "It was great to have you"?

Ben, you're totally right. I've seen this work.

Bill, I think it's mainly just a personal call to say thanks for coming and check in to see if they have questions.

Chris, if people REALLY don't want to be contacted, they won't fill out any info, or they won't pick up the phone ;)

Just a note: I guess I shouldn't call from my cell phone while standing at their front door with a basket full of homemade fudge, then, either... ;)

Ok Ben. I honestly don't know the answer here. I'll take your challenge (in two months when our church opens) and see what happens. I'll buy you coffee in Hotlanta if I make it down there.

It's a deal Chris. And I'll buy you coffee if I'm wrong. ;)

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