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WOW! This is HUGE. So simple, yet so valuable, thanks for explaining this concept.

Thanks Ben. This is brilliant and something I wish I had realized (or was told) years ago.

The only thing I would add is to be genuine with the channel. Too many times I feel like I'm being sold (or used) and that's a big turn off.

Great post. I have been reading the book "Permission Marketing" by Soth Godin and he talks about the same thing. These are great practical steps.

Great post!

I would add Twitter to your list of ways to accomplish this.

Great post, Ben. I'd love to hear you post some day on the fine balance of building your distribution channels all while not becoming "that guy" who is always promoting himself in such a way that makes all of us cringe.

I'm probably overly fearful of this, but I still struggle with it. Some days I am passionate and committed to the things you mentioned above. Other days, I feel disgusted with myself and feel like an arrogant, know it all, self-promoter. Those are the days that I want to shut down my blog, close my Facebook account, etc.

I know it's not the tools, but rather my heart condition when using the tools. Anyway, I'd love to get some wisdom from you and I would imagine some others might as well.

(Yes, you are like my virtual Dr. Phil)

Ben, you're right on the money with this.

Publishers really don't care how great your book is if they can't sell it, and they won't assume they can sell it unless you have a great distribution channel. (or a 'platform', as they all told me when they turned down my book proposal)

great post.

Jason, that's funny. =) It's not promotion if you're truly passionate about it... if you eat, breathe and sleep it. Of course you'll have critics, but influential people always do. Congrats on the new book by the way!

Great "how to" post, Ben. I think I'm on the right track. This correlates well with your previous post on "Stuff Legends are Made of."

You are so right about those who have bigger platforms have seriously been harvesting and cultivating for years. Great perspective.

Dude... you never cease to amaze me. :-) DEFINITELY simple, yet profound, stuff... and I'm kicking myself for not posting today. :-/ But I do the Facebook connecting thing well, so I'm getting there! Still have a long ways to go, but if you keep cranking out posts like this, I'll be helped tremendously! ;-)

Thanks, man... great post.


Bro, this is major! Good stuff. I am definitely archiving this one...without question.

Great post.
Thanx for clearing my mind on how to get some things done.

these seem like practical ways to build social capital, no? the idea that social networks have real value is lost to most people. however, one important point is that the ties that you build have to be two way. that means you have to
-accept friend requests on facebook and leave messages on your friend's walls
-read blogs and leave comments
-respond when someone sends you a letter asking for support
-go to parties, lunches, confernences, happy hours and bbq's.

building a solid social network is a two way street. it's as much giving as it is getting.

very good point Gail.

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