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Right on Ben!!! I am totally with you on this one. It is a HUGE deal for congregations to see that there are other, strong, spiritual leaders within our churches that can and are called to preach the Word. No matter how articulated they are!!!

This is a great challenge! I would probably add that this is not just for the churches of thousands. I think we have reshaped Mentoring into Entourage Building for the Preaching Superstar and we all could use a remix back to the real mentoring. then maybe we could improve on our releasing these newly prepared leaders.

The issue is many pastors are not leaders . . . just men who studied greek and hebrew well in college and can communicate . . .

Love it, love it, love it! YOu better believe the leadership team of Gurnee Community Church will hear about this idea when I get back there in October!

Awesome. Yes. Great post. Preach it.

This is of course the ideal! Ministry should always be about people not the program. This is my only rub with doing multi-site via video, it kind of sets up an intentional system where very few people get to develop as teachers.

From the mouth of God.

Ben, as you may know I am a public school teacher trying to transition into full time ministry. I am longing to be mentored like that. I am even applying to the Protégé program with NCC and Mark Batterson. It would require me to liquidate my life and move my family 1500 miles east while also having to raise financial support to live on for at least a year. The funny thing is I think I am actually willing to do that to get the kind of mentorship and experience that I am seeking. BTW I am a member of a church that runs 3500 in worship and 2500 in life groups on Sundays.

Chris, your comment ought to be a wake-up call to senior pastors everywhere.


Thank you, Ben!

I think the problem is that we don't believe that we're a body with a bunch of important parts. We don't believe that we actually need each other - and therefore have no responsibility to develop others.

I fear that our current model of head pastor teaching everyone else, every week, has calcified this idea. But there are other voices in your church that would be helpful for all of us to hear - the bible tells us so.

Ben, thank you for pointing this out. It's a PHENOMENAL idea!


thank you Ben! You remain my hero.

Wow, yeah I feel the same enthusiastic agreement as the other commenters here. Great concept.

Great post here...I just preached for the first time in 5 weeks this past Sunday after having 2 of our associate pastors preach the prior weeks while I worked youth camps, led worship because our worship leader was playing at Cornerstone, and spent time working on our leadership retreat...every week I was there for worship and the church didn't miss a beat. Our other pastors got some great experience and I got a great break and our church heard some really strong teaching. Not one complaint from anyone in the church and attendance actually went up. Count this guy in!

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