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Wow.. way to make us do a quick self-check. It's hard to balance the appropriateness of awe and respect for God with the youthful joy of grace. Thought provoking... THANKS!

This is good stuff. I grew up in a holliness tradition which for various reasons I ran away from to embrace complete grace. Now after many years I am learning what it is to live in the middle.

Thanks for sharing this!


This is by far the best post you've written. well played sir!

If we truly understood the Gospel, we'd look at the cross and see the perfect collision of grace and holiness. The righteous wrath of God satisfied by his unconditional grace.

This is one of the best paragraphs you've ever written. Seriously, what a great summation of Romans 3:23-25.

rock on. thanks for the comments.

Ben, see what great community is built through "comments"? (HA! - JK) Just wanted to echo what has been said - GREAT post.


WhiteBoard was great! It was nice meeting you too! These are rocking comments. Don't know if you saw this too, but Vince wrote about the same kinda thing on his blog too!

Take care and don't get too southern man! :-)

Wow, in a few short words, you summarized the problem AND provided a solution - look at the cross. Why is it we have such a hard time doing that?

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