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The article isn't totally bad. He does note some things he thought about the speakers and he liked darrin patrick & mark dever.

It seemed like the line up was one to make people think. His take away after thinking it over leaned closer to a more conservative view (which is totally cool, since we can all go to something and agree on the main idea of loving God and people... yet disagree on the methods in how to reach that goal).

Hey Ben,

I trashed WiBo on the blog too! (j/k)

Hope you're feeling good about the conference... I'm praying for your transition to ATL.

I feel incredible about it Mike! And I LOVED having Mark Dever; he did an incredible job. Thanks for your help in getting him. I wish we could get some love this direction from the staff though. =) Thanks for your prayers, and I am looking forward to a long friendship.

I enjoyed WiBo & really appreciate what you must have went through to bring all those schools of thought together - I'm sure it wasn't easy, but worthwhile endeavors rarely are.

My wife also came along to volunteer & ended up receiving deep & needed ministry from your wife Ainsley & Jen Antonucci. I seriously think it helped her turn a corner with some things we've been through in ministry. We're grateful for what God did in us thru WiBo.


I'm sorry I didn't make it dude, but all I've heard has been over the top!


Randy Cook

Adam, thanks for words. Yeah, Ainsley really loved talking with your wife.

Hate that you missed it Randy!

ben... I got stuck in ukraine and didn't make it personally. but the team that went from the church had a great experience with mission-directing take away. one couple that we're partnering with to plant a church in williamsburg were ecstatic and inspired. thanks for working to provide this for God's honor. praying for you in hotlanta. eric

In reading the posts from the 9 marks guys, this statement struck me:

"It's amazing that for all of the talk of relevance and culture... it's the gospel that just sucked the air out of the room."

Well said.

On a lighter note. I loved the ice cream in the afternoon. I wanted to take a second one, but the dude guarding the cooler looked mean...

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