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Hey Ben,
Thanks for a great conference yesterday. I was able to do some live blogging while at the conference and posted the notes as soon as each speaker was done. You can check it out at my blog. Feel free to pass it along as well.

Again, thanks a ton for this. Get some rest and enjoy your weekend!

Thanks Ben! You guys rocked it.

Hey Ben!

It was so great to finally get connected with you. You and your team hit it out of the park yesterday!

Did you just thank Twitter? Hmm... you're alright after-all. :-)

Seriously, you did an AMAZING job on pulling this machine together. Every attention to detail... incredible - just incredible.

More to come from me... but I can't wait to hear more from YOU.


Just amazing. More an event than a conference. Such connection and synergy across different streams. Congratulations. WiBo 2009 in Atlanta?!?! Lemme know and I'll come help!

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when Dever and Stevens talked!

Okay.. I didn't see the "more downtime" comment as a negative one. Just wistful thinking more than anything else. ;)

You guys did a fantastic job. I can't even say for a first-time conference, as I think it's right up there with the folks who have a few more years under their belt.

Kudos, my friend.

I may have missed this somewhere but I was curious if the audio content was going to be made available? Or is there only the dvd?


Must have been a great thing to see a Dream come true and you did Dream Big as Mark remind us.

Sorry I did not get to met your dad - hopefully next time. Great to see an Alum of the school go on to wonderful things.

It was such an incredible experience meeting all of you. Thanks for the kind words, and I'm looking forward to continuing the journey... seeing what God does through each of you.

i freaking LOVED it.
seriously, the speakers had some amazing things to say, i feel i came away very challenged.
everything was pulled off so well too!! i had no idea it was going to be as brilliant as it turned out to be. God was movin in a big way, man. woo!

btw, we're going to MISS you guys around here! it was sad when you left RCC but at least you were still in the area if we wanted youre states away! better i guess that it went in stages, rather than you going there right away. God knows what he's doing :-) and goodbye is never forever among brothers and sisters in Christ! what a blessing :-)

happy trails!

by the way...that dj was pretty swank.
im just sayin...

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