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Ben, Still totally bummed that I can't be there tomorrow but I hope all goes well - Will be praying for you and watching on Conference Channel - Have a great time!

Hate that you can't make it David, but thanks for your prayers and encouragement!


Our pastor bought 3 tickets and now he cant go and is sending an associate pastor in his place. Is there something we can do ahead of time to reduce the hassle on the staff? Will the replacement guy need anything to verify he is there as a replacement? Should we just bring the email receipt and pretend he is the pastor?

I bet there might be others in the same position as we are...perhaps a quick post about it?

yeah... just bring the receipt and you're golden.

hey ben...have a fantastic event..i know it is going to rock...congrats on everything you have accomplished...peace..mike.

ben since i am sure you are in bed resting after the event i just wanted to say "LOVED IT" it was an amazing event.....i will not call it a conference...because it was so much more than that....

"I think the best thing about (Wibo) is not that I learn[ed}
a great deal about God from it (although I did), but it makes me want to spend my life for God's glory among the nations, and it makes me want to be able to put Jesus Christ before people's eyes in more clear and powerful ways than I am currently capable of. The value of great teachers is seen by the next generation whom they train and help, even more than it is seen in the content of the teaching itself."

I just saw the above quote about John Piper, but it could have been written about any of the Wibo speakers.

Thank you, Whiteboard Ben!

(here's where I got the quote: )

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And the same can be said about those who helped sponsor Wibo.

The folks at Portable Church stand out, but I know it was many who made it possible for Wibo to happen-
Thank you to all of you who helped in so many ways!!

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