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Pant-soiling...Sign ME up!

An addition to your comment -- I think for me the greatest deterrent to following God's leading is not taking the time to discern God's leading. It's easier for me to be obedient and step out in faith than it is for me to slow down and find out what He's saying. Sad but true.

By the way -- glad there's washing machines in Atlanta for you.

I'm with you. My life has been one of figuring out what I've got a good chance at succeeding at and then doing that. For the last 4 years God has been leading me to do something big and I've simply been to scared to do it. That's the most miserable place to be. I've finally come to the place where I'm completely convinced I can't do what He's leading me to do and I'm going to do it anyway. God's probably saying "Finally, you get it."

Gen. 12:1-2

i admit, that has become my biggest fear as of late. believe it or not, my job has actually spoiled me by allowing me to see MORE Of my family than i might have otherwise. im closer to them now (relationally) than i ever have been, and now with an ADORABLE nephew (and more to come im sure), its hard to imagine moving far away from them, seeing them MAYBE only once a year at holidays and whatnot. and going overseas? serving in the mission field somewhere? wow. my mind used to readily thrill at that thought, but now i tarry...
and i hate that.
i wonder what this might mean for my career... if maybe i need to step back and reevaluate the job im in and how much longer i should really be doing this. its getting quite...comfortable.
im proud of you guys for your willingness. thats an enormous step of faith, but i have no doubt God has you in mind for bigger and better things.

I am so there...


Great thoughts, man!

I'm with you for sure. I'm living it as we speak.

Praying for you guys today.


Thanks for the reminder, Ben.

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