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"I have a dream..."

Even an 8th grader thinks whiteboard is a cool idea
I am a Technology Education (shop)teacher in a public middle school school. I had this post pulled up on my computer and while one of my students was waiting for me to help him he read the post. He asked about it, so I told him what I know about you and about the whiteboard conference. I had to use an analogy so here goes. I told him (he's in 8th grade) that it would be like going to a meeting with the 8 best NFL coaches on and hearing their best plays, practice strategies and coaching stories, only you are doing this for churches.
His response was and I quote;
"holy crap, that's cool"


In interacting with Mark Batterson's In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day I was floored by his comment that we need to be good stewards of our imaginations. Wow...not only do we GET to go after our dreams, it's a divine responsibility! He put those dreams there. Thanks for the post.

Oh, and congrats on your new position!

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