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STRONG words...and you could not be more right.

we are foolish when we say the church is decimated and disappearing. sure, we may be a generation away from not seeing churches like we have now, but that doesn't mean THE church is dying or disappearing.

great word, ben. great word.

Wow! So powerful...


A couple of thoughts..

First, the kind of language that asserts that the church won't survive and disappear in 20 is meant to merely stir emotion. It leaves people merely "alarmed" and only causes us to become reactionary to the culture around us.

Second, you are correct, the church isn't going to disappear, but Christendom is. Christendom and the church are not the same. Christendom is the place and position of privilege that the church has enjoyed for hundreds of years - particularly in the West.
I agree with you Ben that the loss of that privilege will refine the church of it's idols.

Well put Ben. Your right on the mark bro. Thanks for letting God use you.

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