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I went to humana208 in february hosted by alex mcmanus. Had the same idea - 12 minute talk and decompression where the audience could interact with the speakers

Yes, I LOVE the WiBo concept. It will be awesome... but unpacking this beast may take a while. With 8 speakers, 30 minutes each we'll be sipping the goodness from a fire hose ya know?

I cannot wait for WiBo! I'm following it up with the church planting seminar on Friday...I just hope my brain doesn't get overloaded!


I love this concept. I thought I was the only one burned out on traditional conference formats!

Excited about what's evolving.

Brian Jones

Thanks for stopping by Brian - loved 'Second Guessing God.'

Can't wait for WiBo! My church is bringing a team. Also - this idea of dropping the "conference" label is exactly what I've been working from at IJM as we've developed the Global Prayer Gathering over the years -- we've been intentional about coaching our staff never to refer to it as a conference, and to help the participants who come understand that as well. It's a time to actually pray, as opposed to listen to people talk about praying. Fun/interesting to see that this move away from traditional "conference" language/feel is a trend in other circles as well.

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