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Great insights Ben, thanks for sharing the experience.

Did you blog from your iPhone, laptop, or feather quill pen? :-)

As a person totally immersed in the world of the modern-event-driven church i respond to your comment "There's a pressure to be the shock jock of sermon series... the promoter of flagrant outreach events... the producer of Sunday morning productions."

maybe if we stopped being the person you describe and simply pastor (shepherd?) the congregation God has given us and let Him build the church we will see better longer lasting results....i dunno....

btw you say "Every conference has its low points...the boring parts that make you want to blow your brains out, the occasional nonapplicable content." i hope you are not warnng us about WiBo....haha

More power to you with that kool-aid, bro... I'm stayin' in the 21st century! haha

i would just ask that you post more pictures ... pulpit, library, and everthign else. this might be as close as some of us can ever get!!!

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