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you are so right, ben...

we experienced this in the beginning stages of our transition to columbia. as clearly as God called us to columbia, He called us to let go of everything that had ever been familiar to us - the good and the bad - and to get to columbia and hear the unique sound of what He is doing and see how that matches up with who i am and who i am not.

literally, God ripped my pendulum out! and i'm glad He did - we would have started the wrong church had He not!

not much good happens out of reactionary spend way more time talking about what you're not than what you are. it's like living in a constant state of deconstruction and that doesn't help anyone.

thankful God taught us this before we reacted too much! glad He's doing the same with you now.

The pendulum metaphor is one I've used for years about how I handle situations. In an effort to bring others back to center I will continually overcompensate to get people there.

It's not necessarily a bad thing but it can most definitely develop into one. I've even explained it to my church so that they can understand how I approach certain situations.

Ben's recent blogging hot-streak FTW


I totally resound with this post. It's what I'm going through right now.

Grace and peace.

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