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Hey, that's my church family! Way to get some Every Nation love!

Too bad my ticket's already locked in...

I should have specified that you can register on the site at the link provided above. Not on the Whiteboard site.


This absolutely rocks!
I was torn between attending a church planting conference and Whiteboard this year as my schedule would allow for only one.

After some prayer, I just felt like I needed to be at Whiteboard and had pretty much dismissed catching anything on church planting until next year.

This event allows me to get the best of both worlds!
God is so good.


Wow. Way to go. Prayerfully, no one has purchased their plane ticket as yet. ;-)


You're killing me. WiBo is stacking up to be a church planters dream.

A while back I wrote about being a church planter and being poor. Asked if you knew anyone who would put me up for a night.

Let me know, if someone is willing and I'm there!

Keep up the good work.

Grace and peace

Hello, everyone, I am a novice, I hope to make friends with everyone here, and we can have a great day, also please take care, thank you!

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