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This is such an enlightening perspective, and a biblical one as well. Thanks for the insight Ben.

Ben - I also appreciate the distinction that you make here. I think that there is a great deal of pressure on church planters - either external or internal and likely both. This is helpful. Thanks!


This is so true! It would save some guys a WHOLE LOTTA trouble by considering those distinctions. I've had to learn that... and I've been fortunate. It's not a "do or die" situation for us... simply "do, no matter how long it takes."

However, some don't learn this... and are rattled, almost to a point of no return. In January, an area church planter just "closed the doors" of his church AFTER ONLY 1 1/2 YEARS, because of a lack of numbers. His situation was one of cultivation... but no one told him that before he came, and he never understood it.

Great post! It's something every planter needs to understand. We can all so easily get caught up in finding our self-worth and "success" in the number of people in worship this past Sunday.

Ben, another great post. I hope this is the kind of stuff we can hope to see more of in the future...

Hey Ben,
I've really appreciated your thoughts here. This is something similar to what we have been discussing in a class at seminary, but haven't made the connection to church planting. Thanks for helping me remember that its not about the "success" of the outcome, as much as glorifying God by being faithful wherever you are and whether or not He's allowing you to cultivate or harvest.

thanks for the feedback guys. Great stuff.

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