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Sounds very healthy Ben. A while back you posted RCC's organizational flow chart and job descriptions. Anyway you could post that again or point me to that former post?

I really like almost all of this post... especially the part about volunteers switching ministries instead of stepping down. The one part that I really, REALLY didn't like (though I understand the point) is never letting people do something that couldn't be replicated by somebody else. Of course, the point is that the system will out last the leader, and to a point that's very good. However, I believe we greatly handicap leaders by not allowing them to do what they are uniquely gifted to do. Highly gifted leaders possess unique abilities that others don't. Beyond that, visionary leaders possess a vision that's uniquely personal. That's the challenge of the changing of the guard... the new leader really can't be expected to have the same vision as the old leader. Vision is personally given via divine methods. New leaders will have to discover their own vision which will require a restructuring of the system.

"Ben-dependent" (thats funny). Good post and food for that. Yea, I don't think its a good idea when churches become personality-driven. There is a megachurch that I highly respect but their position seems to be promoting the pastor's website and "his" television ministry. I think that is a huge set-up for problems later.

Ben - I second the idea of seeing your organizational chart. Also, is there any way to get a copy of many (if not all) of your job descriptions. We are a 6 year old plant that is going through a very similar process as to what you went through. Thanks

We are in the process of developing systems for a new church plant and this post is encouraging. And add one more who would love to take a look at any of this you would share--working on job descriptions, org charts, and systems in general. Thanks!!

we DO still miss you guys though ;-)

but youre right. the church is bigger than all of us, really. i mean, we make it up, but it doesnt really BELONG to any of us. its GOD'S church. amen and amen.

I found the job descriptions and org. chart back in the october archives

Here's where I posted org chart and job descriptions:

And Sarah... we miss you too! =)

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