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I don't know about that. In my office (marketing and PR) we use faxes as a necessity of cumbersome communication when things have to be signed.

A personal fax is one thing. Mass faxing...well, let's just say there's a reason the recycle box is right next to the fax machine in our office.

I don't know either. Faxes? Seriously. Warm paper?

I think more like this. I have to walk in the other room, the ink gets all over my hands, and only half of the fax comes through.

I don't like fax ads. It says,

"Here, you pay for us to market to you."

Paying for paper and ink so someone can spam me makes me dislike the spammer's brand. I am much more forgiving of email spam and junk mail.

...unless you work for a media outlet. I was in radio prior to my current position and we were inundated daily with faxes. I was the guy who typically retrieved them as I worked with PSAs. Even though I love your design here, it was all a blur to me due to the volume. You may have success story to tell though!

hmmmmm... good push-back.

But Zak, sounds like you guys need a new fax machine. =)

i shred all the faxes that come into our office without even looking at them (granted i am in the business sector and not in a church office where, i am sure, employees are not as ill mannered as me). if something is important it is pdf'ed and sent via email... sorry ben.

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