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So true Ben! I grew up in Brazil where porn is absoutely everywhere. You can't avoid it. I saw it everyday as a kid growing up. It's only by the grace of God that I'm not imprisoned by it today. I pray that my two boys never see the garbage.

powerful post, ben. and you are so right...the enemy absolutely knows what he is doing. takes "snake in the grass" to a whole new level.

Great post, Ben. This EXACT situation happened to me when we were visiting friends of my parents and I was out riding ATVs with their son. In the middle of the woods, in the middle of no where, there was a magazine.

You know what else doesn't get enough attention but I think also causes a lot of the same issues? Those sex toy/condom vending machines in gas station bathrooms. It does nothing but infect the mind of boys who are just on a road trip with their family. And how do you avoid them?!?!

Grrr...You've got me fired up on a Saturday morning! I'm going to pray for my soon-to-be daughter again!

When I was eight I was playing in the creek near my house. It was hidden in some bushes...I had no idea who put it there...but I took a peak. It's been a struggle ever since.

Thanks for the post...I admire your honesty.

RIGHT ON! My son is 10, and I am now taking him on a year long Discipleship journey because of this and many other issues. Thanks for this post and your honesty!
Brad Martin


I first saw porn when I was a kid.

I hate it and totally agree with your sentiment here.

Thanks for raising the bar high!

By the way, I have four little girls. I don't want their husbands tainted by this garbage. If you keep your boys pure... we should talk! :-)

I agree with everything everyone has said so far.

Good word. Thanks for this.


It's interesting you bring this up as just two days ago I was walking our dog down the road and looked down to find a pornographic DVD laying on the side of the road. I've had problems with pornography in the past so I was pissed to see it and something inside me began to stir. Luckily I took it home showed my wife and destroyed the DVD-- on a good day we can wish for such as this.

As added irony I first "found" or stumbled upon pornography at the age of 8 or 9 from an extended family member. This discovery changed and shaped my life in many ways from that age until my early twenties.

wow, never realized this was common!

I worked at the Little League concession stand when I was in Middle school and would walk back and forth since it was across the street. One day I stayed late after school and started walking to the park and found a trash bag full of Playboy. I was a 'do-gooder' and threw them away without looking through them -- but it definitely caught me off guard. I told my coach later and he asked where I threw them away. I remember being very creeped out by that.

I was a teenager and found them in my dad's underware drawer when doing the laundry. I honestly didn't get it and showed it to my neighbors. We laughed at how the girls were dressed and how they were posed. Litted did we know.

I'm right there with you man. It's way to easy for kids to find this stuff, especially online. Let's pray that as Christians we can stand up and say "enough is enough!"

This is something I'm pretty passionate about too. Thanks for the post.

Brad Ruggles

yep, found it in the woods when I was ten.

Interesting reading all of these comments and the common theme of it just popping up out of nowhere, in the woods, side of the road, and more. I can honestly say, that I have played in many woods, and taken many walks. Why have I never run into anything like this? Is it because I am a female, so Satan didn't plant or lure me to one in hopes of trapping me? It's interesting thought- I would love to know how many females have come across porn in random places. I personally get more upset with our society today. Some shows/ commercials on tv or the internet I think do a good enough job enticing a males imagination to the point of wanting to see more (or less sort of speak). Not to mention the way females dress once the weather warms up.
I pray for my boys all the time, that they will be saved from the entanglement of pornography. THANKS Great post!

People call it a "private sin" but it has the power to influence you in every element of life. It is far from private when it controls your thoughts and actions in public life.

I am so glad to see someone adress issue-My husband fights an addiction to porn. He is in a daily battle and it really is degrading to women --People do not realize how fast an addiction can set in. Be careful and get away from it ---keep it away from our innocent young children and men. God Bless

Great post, Ben. Thanks for reminding me, as my son just turned 6. This is a big thing to shield him from.

This post just reminded me that my first exposure to porn was in a field down the street from me. Somebody has thrown it away, my friends and I found it.

It also reminded me that I have a 10 year old son that walks to school and back everyday.

And now I'm reminded that I don't think I've done enough to give him the tools to have the ability to walk away. I have some work to do.

I first "stumbled" upon porn in my Fathers workshop when I was 5. For the next 20 years, this junk riddled my thought life, guided my behaviors and in many ways destroyed my life. If anyone ever asks me how big my God is...I'd say He's big enought to capture 20 years of immages burned into my mind and take them as far away as the east is from the west. Today, 13 years later, I am not only vigilant about protecting myself from this stuff, but I also guarding my children as if their lives depend upon it...because they do.

Thanks for a great post Ben!

Great post, Ben! It made me think of Ted Bundy. I found this on wikipedia: "The night before Bundy was executed, he gave a television interview to James Dobson, head of the evangelical Christian organization Focus on the Family. During the interview, Bundy made repeated claims as to the pornographic "roots" of his crimes. He stated that, while pornography didn't cause him to commit murder, the consumption of violent pornography helped "shape and mold" his violence into "behavior too terrible to describe." He alleged that he felt that violence in the media, "particularly sexualized violence," sent boys "down the road to being Ted Bundys". In the same interview, Bundy stated:

"You are going to kill me, and that will protect society from me. But out there are many, many more people who are addicted to pornography, and you are doing nothing about that."

Wow, your post reminds me of myself. I was one of those kids 30 years ago who was at the bus stop and in the gutter at the stop sign was a magazine. I took it to school and I came home a prisoner that day. I have dealt with it's demons ever since. I want to protect my son as well who is now 6. Thanks for the post.

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