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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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Apple's influence continues.

I'd actually like the stripped down version of your site -- other than the menu items.

Yeah. Something to think about. Thanks for adding me to the blog roll, too. I feel honored, bro.

Like the potential of your gives me great ideas for when we design ours.

uh, no

Hmmm...that's a tough one. From a designers perspective, minimal is simple, but not very interesting. However, in an incredibly fast paced internet world, perhaps simple is everything. With web, I'm convinced that the key is navigation...Big and flashy, or plain and simple, if I can't find my way around your site, I'm not going to hang around long.

You always manage to give me something to think about...thanks Ben!

cole, you've got the anti-simple site. =)

Ben, I like the new site look BUT, I would say stripped down website gives the impression of stripped down church. Nothing wrong with that if that is the style of church you are trying to be.

I have a rockstar complex so simple wouldn't work for us :)

Ben, if that's the kind of site you're looking for, I could definitely do something like that. I love the idea of a truly simple site.

I agree completely. My site is semi-stripped. But, it could use to be even more simplified.

If you guys don't mind, may I ask a question or two...why keep it simple or maybe I should ask it this way, what is the purpose of keeping the site simplistic?

the definition of quality is the absence of non-quality :)


Forgive Cole for his comment. He is pretty protective of our site. I am ready for a FULL site overhaul personally, but we are working on other priorities right now...mainly a BIG MOVE we are about to make as to our venue.

While we are on the subject of sites...I thought you were putting me on your blogroll?


Merry Christmas!

Although I just recently complimented you guys on your website, I actually like the simple look! To spend off of what someone commented above, in the complex world we live in, simplicity often says more than something grandiose. It makes a larger impact even because it's so unlike EVERYTHING else. Sometimes, and maybe even most times, "less is more."

Hey, just an FYI: you spelled Rob Bell incorrectly.

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