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That's a good point, my brother in law and I started a web company for churches called and we are discussing and brainstorming some ideas for a book we want to write about how the web is going to effect the church and/or how to use your church website more effectively.

I would like to know what ideas you guys are thinking of in regard to this subject. Could you possibly give some ideas you guys are thinking about?


I totally agree with all of this. We have "bogged down" ours with everything under the sun. I love the idea of a website that lets people "see" kinda what were about and what we are like. Look forward to seeing what you guys end doing.

i'll def post what we come up with

Our website is just a brochure, no one from the church ever even goes there (and they have no reason to). So, I'm wanting to redisign it, too, but not sure where to go.

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