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Well put! The mullet comment made me laugh because it's so true.

Thanks for fighting for men.


So true. Men in the church need so desperately to be men.

Thanks for fighting for the men of the church!!!!

Did you say European Rock Mullet?

awesome. challenge the men and build and army. if we want to see churches grow you have to get the men. you can get the kids and parents get free baby sitting. you get the wife and she tithes off the grocery money. you get the man and engage him, and he will bring his whole family and devote everything to the ministry including his finances

Your wrote -- "If I'm passionate about anything these days, it's stirring up men to fight for spiritual causes"

Can you everyone an idea of what this has looked like -- what you've talked about.

I hear a lot of this type of dialog -- especially being in A29. So I'm curious as to what this looks like practically from others.

it's expanding our tech ministry just for the purpose of involving guys, who love toys. it's men's outings like camping trips and sports... meaty breakfasts on saturday morning. it's using the word "passion" less in messages (note to self =). it's putting as many guys on stage as we can to give them face time. it's being a man to attract men (no better reason to buy a Harley =). hmmm...

it's constantly reminding guys that the christian life is a battle. it's taking our "man day" and making it regular fare...

"you get the wife and she tithes off the grocery money."
Wow. Did you really mean to say that, Chris? The man is the spiritual head of the family, absolutely. I agree with what Ben is getting at with this post. But this comment is a dangerous attitude to display towards godly wives and mothers (not to mention single women). Women are capable of serving the church in a great number of valuable ways, so I would be careful not to dismiss them with such a callous remark. Alienate the women in your church with a remark like that and trust me, the rest won't even matter. You'll never get a chance with most of the guys I know who value their wives (and sisters and moms and female friends) and don't appreciate it when they are treated without respect.

hey kitty, i think chris was trying to say that it's a bad thing when that happens. it means the husband isn't leading spiritually in the family.

hey Ben--Man Camp didn't have as big a turnout as they wanted--but the ones who went were blessed! I have a unique position in the church as I'm the pianist for the "Men of Worship" group of non-singers =) (They call me the rose among the thorns, lol). They have such a heart for discipling men in following Jesus, it's a blessing to be among them. I'm praying for you guys up there! =)

Hey dude, just catching up on some posts. Good stuff. I'm trying to get our church passionate about reaching men. :)

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