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It's not that far fetched bro. Is there a place to hang a tv outside your theater? We display what's going on downstairs in our building using a wireless transmitter. It seems to work well for us. Would be that much to hook up if you could just have power out there. Simply plug in the wireless transmitter and there you go.


I saw on one episode of Flip This House on TLC that Trademark Properties in Charleston hung three HDTV's in their window to run a video loop of homes for sale. I'm sure you could do something similar with a feed of your service.

I love the can-do attitudes! =) we've got some great technicians in our church... it's the $$$ for the tvs that poses the challenge.


Check out this place.

It's the outlet/return store for Best Buy. You can get a great deal on a tv there! I have bought 2 tv's and some other stuff from there.

Oh yeah, you can buy that wireless transmitter for $99. I'll get you the details if you're interested. Just let me know.

that's a fantastic idea... RUN WITH IT!

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