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Dean and I like to remain unknown when we attend a new church. The reason being is I can't tell you how many times the churches have turned us away by showing up at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning (got our info from their welcome card) in their suits while we just woke up and are in our PJs, kids running around in diapers, and we have pizza boxes laying around from the night before and REALLY DON'T APPRECIATE POP-INS especially from strangers. lololol! ;) I recall one time when Dean peeked out and saw who it was and yelled for me and then said, "Christ! It's the church!" We didn't realize our windows were open - for goodness sakes, we had just woken up! Dean had to tell them to go away.

We don't fill out the cards now. When people are ready to be "known", they'll let ya know ;) I think it is a fine balance not to turn people away by being too pushy but then again, you don't want them to think you are ignoring them either - I'm sure it is a tough position to be in... :)

that's hilarious. =)

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