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"I believe God intentionally frustrates the plans of many planters in order to get them on a different path. He gives them long periods of futility to burn-off the glamorous idealism of planting."

I think in my life any futility or difficulty is not to burn-off idealism but rather to destroy all the idols that accompany church-planting.

"And when you get desperate... you become open to things you would've never considered before."

Ben, when I read this, it sounded like part of an article describing someone's moral failure -- another response to desperation.

I was a little worried that, based on the title, this post would be just about frustration with OTHER churches and the need to so something different. That may be a starting point for some planters, but it ain't always the healthiest way to start something.

But you make a good point, Ben :) . Frustration may be the refining point we need to focus us in the right direction.

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