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Ben -
I ran across a post ( the other day that talks about how to get out of your cellphone contract without paying the fee. Thought it might help you out.


Call me cheap...I'd wait on the IPhone. Let it ride until your wife's contract is up and then see how badly you still want an IPhone. I went into my Cingular..nee AT&T store today to check on a bluetooth for Becky's phone and saw the HUGE sandwich board they had in their store. The lady told me people were already acting stupid about crashing the joint to get one. AY YI YI!

Could it be that Steve Jobs has read both Pyromarketing and Buzzmarketing to boot? He's build a buzz on the web simply by folks like us talking about it and I've seen very, very few ads on TV but everybody knows its coming. I've decided to hang on to my Samsung Ultra Slim that I just got at Christmas time for a while longer and let the buzz of this new phone die first.

But then, that's just my .02!!

If you get one, don't get hurt tomorrow. It's not a WII or a PS3 but I bet we'll be reading some crazy stories on the web tomorrow!

You might check this out before you pull the trigger. Everything I've heard indicates that EDGE is the one chink in the iPhone armor.

Wow, thanks for the great info. No harm in waiting right? I'll stick it out til August, but my Sprint phone is in bad, bad shape.

Dear Loyal Customer Ben:

I am the CEO of Sprint and would like to extend a personal note upon reading your blog about the iPhone. While we value your opinion and eagerness to get the new technology, we find it our responsibility to inform you that the iPhone has many kinks that need to be worked out. I would suggest that you stay with Sprint.

Please use the following top secret information at your own discretion... The iPhone has a 3 month contract with AT&T. After that, they will sign a 2 decade binding agreement with Sprint. We can not make you stay with us, but just know that the iPhone will be powered by Sprint in 3 short months.

Oh! And also... if you switch to AT&T, Jenn Schreck will no longer be able to call you or Ainsley from her Sprint phone for free. Resulting in pure devestation to the world. We feel it be in your best interest to stay with us. Besides, we're soooo much cooler than AT&T.

Jeffery Niles
CEO Sprint

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