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Or, you know, meet on Sunday nights :).


My wife and I talk about this all the time. Sunday mornings (from an "ungodly" perspective) are the WORST time. It's in the dead center of your weekend, meaning there's no way to avoid missing church if you want to go out of town on the weekend, and you're missing out on one of two possible days for you to sleep in. Even if you did service on Saturday night you get back one of those key elements (sleeping in). Sunday nights also seem like a great time, giving everyone a real boost heading into the week.

Of course, having it later in the day could make some say..."well, the day's gotten away from us and we can't make it," or "it's too late for the little ones."

Did you wrestle through picking a day/time for your worship service Ben? Or was it a matter of time before you switched to Sunday mornings?

I've seen churches-within-a-church thrive on alternative nights of the week, but I think Sunday mornings are when people expect to go to church. I'm not wrestling at all with day of the week ~ just mindful of who our competition is.

I'm with you...understand the challenge. Just had to give you a hard time...

I'm right there, bro. It's difficult to remain "churched" in the pre-launch stages :-)

Excellent point! Being located in So. Florida there are thousands of distracting competitors available on Sunday morning....and they all have to do with sand and water!

In the summer its so stinking hot that I think that they show up at church just because they can sit in free air conditioning for an hour and a half!

Hey Ben
Not sure how i got here. but i guess it was somehow off battersons blog. I decided any day of the week is not good for the average south floridian so our church decided to go to church 4 times on sunday, two campuses, about to go to three, but this past january we decided to cover the old excuse i work that day. We now do church 7 Nights a week. you can check it out if you dont believe it at I think thats the address!!
have a great one.

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