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VERY true and very well said, Ben.

Interesting thoughts...Maybe the runners-up have to work on developing the hidden assets of the ones that aren't "hand picked" for the "winning" church of the community?
Maybe the runners up need to focus on quality not quantity?

Thad, it's like you've read the book... =)

Actually, i haven't read it...yet. Yet again, somebody steals one of "my" great ideas and writes a book about it!

Good thoughts, Ben. I just read The Dip this weekend on my way to a church conference of all things. :) I plan on writing a series of post about churches in The Dip as well. I'm looking forward to following your thoughts. I'm a new subscriber!

At first when I listened to The Dip I didn't think it applied to me. But as I thought about it more, talked with people about church more...I realized it has everything to do with me.

Our goal is to change the way the church does church, to help the church become dynamic communicators...get through the dip.

Often times when I talk with pastors or church leaders they almost apologize for wanting to be #1. Excellence just isn't in the vocabulary, and maybe it's not because of a fear of change but rather a fear that we just can't make it through...

I'm driving down to hear from and talk with Seth tomorrow, hopefully we can touch on The Dip and Church then.

Ben... found out about your posts through Seth Godin's blog. Great adaptation of his ideas to the ministry world! Several of us on Willow Creek staff went to see Seth a couple of days ago... great experience. Blogged about it (and referenced yours) at Keep up the great work... love your blog.

Seth Godin advises us to be the best in the world. If a church plant tries to provide all the resources the church of 5000 provides, it's sure to lag behind. But if the church plant can find a "world" in which to be the best, it can rise to the top quickly. A church plant probably will not be the best church in town in its first year -- but it can be the church with the most missionaries per capita, with the strongest outreach to artists, or with the richest sense of God's manifest presence.

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