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I hope you get him but do you mind if I ask why you are so persistent on getting Gibbs? I'm available ;) Kidding. But I'm curious as to why you're so persistent on getting him.

Shannon, i feel like this is a trick question... =) strong believer + national hero = reach people with the Gospel who would never step foot through our doors any other Sunday

I was wondering the same thing. I have no idea who Joe Gibbs is...but your reason makes sense especially if we are going to reach men.


No tricks here...just genuinely curious. I know those types of questions are most often a "trick". :) I hope you're able to get him to come and minister. There's no doubt that the message he has will surely impact lives in positive ways!

Keep going with it!

thanks emma!

Hey, man... I happen to think that having ANYBODY from the Redskins to speak is about as close as you can get to losing your salvation!! :-)

hmmm.. do people in their 20's and 30's care about so called celebrities? i think they care beceause they love to see them crash and burn but i don't think they have any sort of respect for or will listen to an individual just because he or she has their face in the washington post every week...

taking risks to reach people far from God is what I'm all about.

i totally think it is a noble thing trying to get joe...i appreciate your desire to do whatever you can to get the gospel out and not stopping at the first "no"...

Thanks gail! That was really my intention for the post -- perseverance.

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