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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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If road rage equals passion then I am the most passionate person in the world. :)

"A church plant's expenses determine its effectiveness. Many planters don't realize that changing how they spend money could improve their results The same activity will always produce more of the same."

This is an interesting comment. Anything you can share that would be an example of this?

j, everything we do as a church has a price tag attached to it. Ministry costs money. So changing how we spend money, essentially changes the kind of ministry we do. Reallocating money opens doors to try new approaches to reaching people.

EG: what could we do if we weren't paying for an office? what could we do if we weren't providing donuts every week? what could we do if... etc

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