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Great thoughts! It's so easy to hold on to things that FEEL right, but sometimes we have to put those aside to pursue what God's calling us to - here and now. Change often grows us and shows a new side of who God is.

nice post, ben. i seriously had a gentleman at our church accost me yesterday saying, "what is going on with all these RADICAL changes?"

what had we changed?

we stopped passing a "friendship register" and had a new format for the bulletin...


I agreed with until you got to the church government thing. Church govt isn't abiblical -- non-elder led church govt is.

Even though much of the church in the last 100-150 years has ignored this the pattern in scripture is for Elder's that are under-shepherds to the real senior pastor Jesus.

The fact that forms of church govt are inadequate are because people are inadequate which should make us cling tighter to the patterns we see in scripture.

I do like the thought though that we add a lot of traditions based on tradition even though scripture doesn't speak to it.

J, I personally agree with you on elder-led churches. But we can intepret how this is carried-out differently. For example: If the office of pastor is interchangeable with the office of elder, then a staff-led church can be an elder-led church.

I'm with you on that Ben. In fact I'd say that Elder and Pastor are the same thing in scripture.

When we think through staff then we have to think through the staff that are serving in Elder/Pastor roles and the staff that are serving in Deacon roles.

Ben, Greetings Brother!

I just want to say, I think footwashing is awesome!

I did not know that about you! Maybe I did one time, but forgot. Anywho.

Yeah, don't bring on anything unless scripture commands it or gives it as an example (and examples exist).

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We're praying for you and your church!


great to hear from you Wes! I'll bookmark your sites to follow your adventures!

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