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Ben -

Interesting list. I think I mostly agree. We meet in a downtown, community theatre that would fall into the "other" venue category - our experience pretty much lines up with their conclusions.

I'd love to hear how your experience at a school and what you have experienced so far (without actually using it yet) at the movie theater lines up with their thoughts.

We like to call the "high traction" flooring, "CineMuck." I like the list as well...fairly good synopsis, though we've never met in a school.

We have met in both and I think it is a good list.

We offset the cons by:

1.) Putting our own electrical panel in the theater we meet in.
2.) We bring in lights with trussing
3.) We have good floors actually but we are about to pay to have them cleaned.
4.) The children's thing isn't as good as a school but it can be made to work and work well. A lot of newer theaters have party rooms for birthday parties and stuff and that is ideal for kids.

"1.) Putting our own electrical panel in the theater we meet in."

We're bringing our electrician into the theater this Friday to see about this... In our first theater location, we made the mistake of thinking we were a slave to the limited electrical capacity. We couldn't even plug-in coffee pots.

Hey Ben!

If the theatre doesn't let you install an electric panel, look into having someone build a power distro system for you. That is a pretty decent alternative to the low electrical capacity.

Alternately, you might be able to run 100' - 150' power cords to an adjacent theatre not in use, through side access doors. Each theatre is likely on its own circuit, and you won't have to "Rob Peter to pay Paul", so to speak.

If you need a liaison with the theatre to help negotiate with the theatre - check out National CineMedia. A lot of churches use their leverage to gain favor for such changes.

Good Luck!

thanks Kendra!

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