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"This is not a restart for us... it's the outgrowth of 4 years of preparation. This is not plan B for us... it's the fulfillment of years of waiting and dreaming. This is not a new vision for us... it's the refinement of God's clear call on our church."

-- beautifully stated my friend.

thanks robb...

and to my other friend, i don't publish anonymous comments.

I pray that 2007 be a year where the refinements bring a season of increased fruitfulness in all you do.

PS. I love the name of the church.

I liked the name "History" because it was unique, but I would definitely resonate with Reston Community Church if I lived in Reston. It's a make sense deal! =) Happy New Year

love the name!!

I am reminded of what William Carrey said, "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God!!"


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