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Do you have any idea where we could get (rent or buy) one of these for Hallelujah Night?

tina, the site i discovered is

you'd have to make some phone calls to figure this out

what's hallelujah night by the way?

Hi Ben,

It's our most open celebration for the community of the year. It's held on Halloween, gives the kids the opportunity (and adults) to dress up. We give out boat loads of candy, play games, have a bon fire with smores, have pucker powder, etc. Go get the kids at the shelter. Have over the top obsticle courses, a huge slide (the 2 year olds love riding that with their dads) have a joust (the couples flock to this for some reason) and the men of the church grill out hotdogs. The only charge is $1 for hotdogs. We spend about $3500 but it is so worth it to give this to the community and of course, I follow up with all the visitors the next day. Packets are ready to go complete with the pastors best sermon of the year and info on our summer day camps and out the door they go. We gave away a video chair this past year to get people to register and one of the families from the shelter won it. People having fun at church. What an amazing concept that some will only experience at Hallelujah Night.

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