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Are you going to post on any interesting insights in to how to break those barriers?

Also an interesting thought about needing a fresh perspective to break certain barriers. For those of us who plan on staying in our plants this is a difficulty. Lately I've been thinking this might be where getting good coaching might come in handy.

The principles boiled down to three issues:

50 Barrier - Love and shepherd people

100 Barrier - Create multiple small groups

200 Barrier - Excellence

I agree about the coaching. I'd like to find a coaching system for our staff that doesn't feel too systemmatic.

As a pastor that is pushing 12 small groups of 12 by the end of 2007, that 100 barrier speaks to me...we average 85 in worship....I believe that "healthy and active" small groups WILL get us over 100...thanks ben!!


Ben that is a great post. Short but good.

Shepherding is difficult for someone like me who is constantly saying, "Come on, have vision for 100" but we are at 40. Many new people in a church of 40 come because it is small and need to be indoctrinated with big vision. That is tough when they simply want to be in a tightly knit church where "everyone knows your name."

Don't misread this. I am always in favor of building into people and cultivating relationships at church. However, there seems to be a difficult balance at the 50 level whereby people are attending a "small" church because they expect a lot of attention. The pastor cannot have a personal relationship with everybody at church if the church expects to grow any bigger than 50. I think the key is to mentor and build into leaders and teach them to do the same.

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