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Or go with a smaller one and do it twice?

two little buckets? =)

I like this. We do well to remember that our faith isn't in an expected outcome, a plan or a system but in God alone.

I could have written "we chose the larger auditorium" and left it at that. But I wanted to express that this decision was undergirded by my faith in a God who can do big things. And I did it 109 words. It doesn't come close to explaining my theology of faith, or all the logistical schematics we've taken into account. Don't get me wrong, I love comments, but give a brotha some credit.


My brotha from anotha motha! :) I wasn't being critical of your post, I was attempting to give praise. I think it's great that your faith saw that God would fill up the "largest one" and that motivated you into action! lol...I guess I didn't consider how my thoughts might be translated. Anyway, rock on, brotha!

I love this.
"Realists are never rewarded in ministry."

What a great reminder to dream bigger than ourselves and trust God for huge things. It also went into my quote library.

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