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I thought that Reston should be in the name as well when you forst posted about this. Reston is a beautiful, phonetically pleasing word. Take advantage of that. You want people to like saying the name of your church.

That's why we went with "Basilica"... people like to say it.

As far as the rest of the name, I have no idea... Reston Community Church is probably taken...

I once heard it said that opinions are a lot like... oh, wait... nevermind. :)
Seriously, here's my idea...
"No Reston for the Weary." You can thank me later :)

warm... warmer... COLD... ICE COLD!! =)

I'm thinking that "Reston Peace Church" is probably not on the list...


Reston Church of Hope!

Or if "church" doesn't have to be in it...

Reston Hope Gathering

10,783 days

Have you surveyed words like "love" or "tenderness"?

10,783 days

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