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My smart alec answer is, "do you remember new Coke?" Seriously though, that is a challenge that we have discussed at Epic with the changes that are brewing now. It will be a lot harder to follow God's nudging when the church is larger and things seem to be going well. We will constantly remind our church that we want to take risks to follow God and be bold about finding new ways to reach into our community.

there is something to be said of obscurity, isn't there?

but starbucks is failing...their stock is tanking, they are relying on their filler products (mugs, coffee makers, books) to replace the lost coffee revenue...

gailster... oh ye of little faith. =)

don't get me wrong, i love starbucks, if i had a child, it's middle name would be "grande skim latte with surgar free vanilla"...i was merely pointing out that, from everything i have read, starbucks financials are not what investors would like them to be.


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