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I really loved that book. There was a lot of great stuff in there as he shared their story.

I think the book also explains why Peet's has such a good roast.

I am about to finish that book. It is a great read. The book is good read for church planters because of its view of maintaining the core values and message while growing.

Great book!

eric, have we had a conversation about dayton, ohio? that's where I grew up, went to college, learned how to do church...

No, I don't think we have had a conversation about Dayton. I grew up here too, saw how NOT to do church, and left to go to college (after a year at Wright State). I was gone for about 13 years earning a master's degree and working in or planting churches, and recently moved back at the invitation of a pastor friend to plant a church.

How about you?

Eric, my dad pastored a small church in tipp city ~ very close to, where their approach to church opened my eyes... I attended during my 2 years at Wright State, where Rob Turner's communication style impacted me... some good experiences for me there, but i probably won't ever be back. =)

Be careful, that is what I swore at one point too. I made it 13 years before God changed my mind.

eric... that... or you did something wrong. =) I'm just kiddin

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