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you two may also want to check out Let's Dish: ...mandy has gone there with a friend a few times. same type place and good food too.

we will never go hungry again

Sounds a lot tastier than your neighbor's old Holstein!

I've contemplated the savings associated with the whole "buy the whole cow" approach several times. I always stop when I get to the point that I'd have to buy a new freezer to store it all in.

Like I always tell my wife (when she comes home with a trunk full of great deals)....."You've got to spend money to save money"!

Not sure if our church is the one you're referring to, but we gave a cow to each Pastor up until a just a few years ago. It became a little tricky to figure out the tax implications of a cow gift.

Render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's, even if it's a cow liver :)

ahhhh... i've been exposed! Yes it was Andrew. =) Great memories from Lititz...

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