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  • I'm a creator, entrepreneur, author of DREAM YEAR, and aspiring novelist. My wife Ainsley and I live in Virginia Beach with our five kids Wyatt, Dylan, Cody, Annie & Millie

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That's awesome... sounds like Carol is a Godsend to your family.

Wonderful Ben! We have had two similar experiences with our last two dwelling places.

Would you mind further explaining your "person of peace" as connected with Luke 10:6?

Where do you get the idea that your offering of peace should come back to you in abundance, and what was your offering of peace (was it a verbal statement)?

Please understand, I am not being argumentative, or cynical... I am genuinely curious.


It's awesome to see how God provided for you b/c that helps to birth confidence in me that he can do the same in my life. Thanks for sharing.

sent you an e-mail dave...

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