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I too listened to "Uncle Charlie" and sent away and did his Bible studies. I listened to Ranger Bill every Saturday morning, and couldn't wait (we grew up without TV). Unshackled was also in our repertoire.

Our radio station was "Family Life Radio" in Michigan.

I also remember listening to "Raaaaanger Bill" on Saturday mornings. I think my Dad liked listening to it more than we did, though. Or maybe he just pretended to enjoy it to get us all to listen in!

Anyway, I never thought about the history involved in the "Megachurch Movement". I guess that could be compared to the Christian movement in China. Decades of persecution and perserverance finally surfacing!

raaaanger bill. ugh. and that is all i got to say bout that. except i like your thoughts here about heritage.

unshackled used to scare the &#)@! out of me...

ranger bill was a classic. thanks for reviving the memory.

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