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lol. Nice. I'll try that at my local coffee shop today.


NICE. This is the funniest thing i have read all day.

Truitt, i almost publically berated you for saying "Piper...ugh" but then I thought it would have been much worse had you said "Piper...yum."

And for fun, you can just hyphenate a ton of phrases together: "There is much tomato-based, red-colored, thick-bodied ketchup to be desired on this white-hued, half-emptied, slightly-chipped plate.

Fun with Piper - I love it.

i like the photo you used. it's not flattering. jazz hands!

That is absolutely hilarious!!!!

Truly funny stuff.
The last one also kinda works for Yoda.

By the way, the correct caption for that photo is "I'm a ten point calvinist." ;)


Love Piper and his stuff (but yea, "yumm" would go a bit far).

I preached some Piper stuff while in Africa and here...had to translate it back into the active to be understood. ;-)

Ben, it looks like the comments are working again for me. it must have been some kind of fluke deal. I can't remember my witty Piper joke, but I will say that I love that guy. "collecting shells...THATS A TRAGEDY!" Classic.

Dude..I love it.

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