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Joel Osteen reminds me of a Ken doll. I mean that in the most loving way possible.

YOU... crack me up... how cheesy can ministers get? Geez...

I got the email for the Lakewood Conference yesterday, not sure why but I did b/c I would never go.

Here's something I have never understood. Why do so many churches (like the link to Lakewood) have their lead guy's mug taking over the main page? I'm not opposed to the lead guy's pic on the site, even the main page (so don't misunderstand me), but so many - and I don't want to start naming names - have their guy as THE focal point.

What's up with that? Is there something I'm missing?

Okay, I'm not really sure why you would never go to that conference, but, I do have an observation: the video was not at all cheesy...however, the glare from the Vaseline on their teeth was annoying. I mean that in the most loving way possible...

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