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i think those men look that way already.


We spoke on the phone briefly a while back. I am one of the pastors of a church in North Austin, Tx. Love to read your blog and always think about leaving comments but never do. However... this entry had me laughing and I just had to say something.

Not only do commercials (fast food or otherwise) make men look like animals, but most make men lool like they are driven by one of several things. Sex, Food, Sports, and Sex. Ha. Oh, and men as a general rule are stupid and single minded. Oh, and stupid... did I mention that.

Ainsley... great insight. I want to believe that ther are still some men out there that don't act like animals, but i'm afraid that even in the church we struggle with this perception. Rightfully so in some cases.

We need for men of God to stand up and change this perception. Real men... or as Driscoll calls them... "Dudes".

Keep writing!

The Guardian did a really thought provoking story about how fast food commercials make the measure of a man equal to the amount of patties on his burger.,,1856159,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=1

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