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Sheesh! That's awfully considerate of them!


Wow- that is hysterical- it quite possibly made my day... sometimes I feel like I am the only one surrounding by morons but I'm glad to know they're everywhere!

Was there rain in your area? I've had them do something similar when we had rain. if not, then that really is weird.

I actually had the UPS man tell me that if no one was at our office when he came, to look in the bushes, because that is where he would leave it. Of course, if no one is at the office when he comes, how will we no to look...I'll be right back, I have to check my bushes...

I may be losing my mind selling our house.....but I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. I made Lou come up two flights of steps to see this. Thanks for the comic relief =)

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