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HA! I admit I am the same in all those things as well. I haven't don't any of those things with the Code AND I haven't had one person ask about it.

Make that three of us.

I did one blog post about it, and now I'm done.

...And now, so have you. :)

"The Da Vinci Code has been read 'cover to cover' by roughly 45 million adults in the U.S. – that’s one out of every five adults (20%). That makes it the most widely read book with a spiritual theme, other than the Bible, to have penetrated American homes."

The study does go on to say that 5% of people had their theological views changed as a result. That may not seem like a lot until you do the math. That's 2 million people! One book. 2 million people!

A fairly good reason to engage it at some level in our churches.

Scott, I didn't mean to poke fun at anyone who did a Da Vinci series. But I did Passion and Narnia... and nada. For me, the more outstanding statistic is that 95% of people didn't care. =)

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