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yeah... that's why God put you in D.C. and not me :)

On the church planting idea, I think you are right on. I think either being from a particular place or understanding how large cities work or small towns are is one of the best ways for a guy to decided where to launch a church. The guy that launched ours was from the Daytona Beach, FL area, loves the sand and waves and for him it was natural to plant one here and it clears so many hurdles of getting to know people, finding resources and launching a church that will be what people will identify with.

Tally, aren't you from Baltimore? Didn't you grow up stealing cars in the inner city? =)

I've been thinking about #2 a lot lately (No bathroom references please). I help a lot of planters in the Calvary tribe, and there's just so much you will never know about an area until you go there.

Demographics will tell you some, but you can't write down an ethos. I think it has to be experienced because it is so nuanced.

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