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Ben, I think target might be one of the most important aspects of planting a succesful church. You have to know who your target is because that determines your music, marketing, teaching, etc. Whatever we do as a church, we ask how does this impact our target.

We are actually launching a NASCAR series on Mother's Day this year. Why? Because of our target, our target dictates that we don't change just because it is mothers day.

When you get the target settled on, it will change how you approach things.

Gary, I miss the comments section on your blog...

Hey Ben,

Thanks for posting this list. I'm going to send these questions along to some leaders here to help us think through this issue. The danger, of course, is that we might let the target determine too much of the message and medium. I always try to remember to let Scripture set the agenda there, and then move toward our target wisely from that point.
I think our target is a weird mix of homeschoolers and internationals. But I'm not sure too many other churches are aiming there, so at least we've got a niche!

I actually miss them too. But they were taking me away from more important things. You know I love your opinion so if you see somethign worth commenting on, just shoot me a e-mail.

Looking forward to haning out at Buzz!!!!

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