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I can't IMAGINE Robb saying anything like that ;)

So where are the pictures???? Do show....

Talked to PCI today was shocked at $$$. How about some Pic's of "beautiful craftsmanship" and some construction details.

Funny... Portable church was a real blessing to us in our portable phase... we got their brochures and poured over them intently for ideas how to do our own cheaper... Thanks Portable Church. By the way, thanks for the same thing to several church sign companies.. It sure was a lot cheaper to build it ourselves.

This is the decision we've got before our daughter church launches at Easter. To portable church or not to portable church? It's good to see a little ingenuity.

Could you post or email the design plans? I've got a consultation next week w/ PCI. I figured I would have them give the recommendations and get an idea of their services.

Give me a few days to acquire some photos and design plans, and I'll post them here when I get them... Sounds like PCI better listen to its customers (or non-customers rather).

We're in the thick of it with Portable Church right now as well. I'm passing along the plans to some of our people.

I know your saving financial capital, but how will you do with personal capital? Are you going to have to scale back your plans because you're doing it yourself?

Brenton, we didn't get the trailer of our dreams, but our homemade carts are probably going to work better because they'll be designed to exact specifications. Plus, Scott and Dave are having a blast building them. They were bragging about the power tools they bought specifically for this project. It's awesome... and I don't believe they would have been motivated to build them unless we went through the PCI consultation experience.

As general manager of Portable Church Industries for the last two years, I would like to celebrate your breakthrough. Some of my team felt a little defensive, but they forget that our founder, Pete van der Harst, started out as a consultant to provide churches with everything they needed to build their own portable systems - like the one he developed while on staff with Kensington Community Church.

He quickly discovered that many church planting teams did not have the skill set and/or inclination to build portable systems. They especially lacked the inclination during the launch phase when staff and volunteer time and energy is a most precious resource. So, Pete began building the systems himself and putting together a team that passionately believes that planting portable churches is the most cost-effective way to reach a region for Christ.

Along the way, our systems have matured. With that, the value of being inexpensive competes with other values, such as being durable, efficient, light weight, etc. For example, we pay a premium for ultralite plywood so that that a full system does not require a CDL to drive. We pay a premium for non-marring castors so that school custodians and gym teachers don't turn against a new church plant. Our glue is non-toxic for use in the nursury. I could go on, but even with the thought and experience and passion that we bring to the church planting process, we know that we are not for everyone. A close friend is part of a local church plant that uses the designing and repairing of their cases as a major community builder for the hobbiests that attend their church. I would encourage church planting teams to compare Ben's launch experience with Chip Payne's at Harvest Renewal Church and decide which approach is best for them.

Paul said it best in Phillipians 1:18, "But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, [...], Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice."

Thanks Brian. Our main issue was PCI's price... I think every planter I know agrees that it's just too expensive. Also, we went months without hearing from PCI after our $1400 consult. That was a bit of a downer.

I'd like to call you this week to discuss PCI's responsiveness to you. If the phone conversations and emails documented in our Contact Management database didn't happen, then I'd like to know what is going on. With regard to our price, I'm sorry that we can't make a case product at the price point that meets your needs. We can talk more about that too.

I realize this is a really old post, but are the plans to the rolling cart still available? They would be very useful to Home Church Nashville right now!

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